Leslie and Roy, Corporate Headshots

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Ah, I love Leslie and Roy! Their daughter, Elizabeth, got married last year and I had the privilege of photographing the blessed event. Leslie called needing a headshot in a hurry, so IĀ got them into the studio asap. They are both so photogenic, so it was a quick and easy shoot! Here are my favorites:

CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_001 CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_002 CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_003 CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_004 CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_005 CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_006 CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_007 CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_008 CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_009 CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_010 CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_011 CorporateHeadshot_LRE14_012