McAlvey Family Portrait Session

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Matt and Beth are friends from church and it’s been awhile since we’ve done their family portraits. We thought it was time to refresh the photos and took a Saturday morning to meet at Barlow Park in Hudson. The boys did great and were rewarded with a surprise Teenage Mutant Ninjas treat at the end of the session! No, I’m not above offering bribes to children. 🙂

McAlveyFamily_002 McAlveyFamily_003 McAlveyFamily_005 McAlveyFamily_007 McAlveyFamily_009 McAlveyFamily_013 McAlveyFamily_014 McAlveyFamily_017 McAlveyFamily_019 McAlveyFamily_020 McAlveyFamily_024 McAlveyFamily_026 McAlveyFamily_036 McAlveyFamily_041 McAlveyFamily_044 McAlveyFamily_047