Rachel’s Senior Portrait Session

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I’m always very honored when a high school yearbook editor chooses me to do their senior portraits. Since they get to seeĀ all the submissions coming through, it’s always a little nerve-wracking to get the nod. Rachel is the editor for Solon High School’s yearbook this year and we had a great shoot in January despite the cold weather. Thanks for a fun afternoon, Rachel! It was great meeting you and your mom!

SNR_Rachel_001 SNR_Rachel_004 SNR_Rachel_005 SNR_Rachel_006 SNR_Rachel_009 SNR_Rachel_010 SNR_Rachel_013 SNR_Rachel_014 SNR_Rachel_018 SNR_Rachel_020 SNR_Rachel_021 SNR_Rachel_023 SNR_Rachel_032 SNR_Rachel_033 SNR_Rachel_034 SNR_Rachel_035 SNR_Rachel_036 SNR_Rachel_038 SNR_Rachel_041 SNR_Rachel_045 SNR_Rachel_049 SNR_Rachel_054 SNR_Rachel_055 SNR_Rachel_057 SNR_Rachel_059 SNR_Rachel_062 SNR_Rachel_069 SNR_Rachel_070