Sydney’s Senior Portrait Session

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Sydney, a Class of 2015 Solon High School senior, had a beautiful portrait session at the Cleveland Museum of Art. We had a fun afternoon with Sydney’s mom who helped us with wardrobe changes and carrying outfits to each new location. We had a beautiful, sunny, fall day with minimal wind. It was perfect. Thanks for a great session, Sydney and Theresa!

SeniorPortraits_SL14_001 SeniorPortraits_SL14_002 SeniorPortraits_SL14_003 SeniorPortraits_SL14_004 SeniorPortraits_SL14_005 SeniorPortraits_SL14_006 SeniorPortraits_SL14_007 SeniorPortraits_SL14_008 SeniorPortraits_SL14_009 SeniorPortraits_SL14_010 SeniorPortraits_SL14_011 SeniorPortraits_SL14_012 SeniorPortraits_SL14_013 SeniorPortraits_SL14_014 SeniorPortraits_SL14_015 SeniorPortraits_SL14_016 SeniorPortraits_SL14_017 SeniorPortraits_SL14_018 SeniorPortraits_SL14_019 SeniorPortraits_SL14_020 SeniorPortraits_SL14_021 SeniorPortraits_SL14_022 SeniorPortraits_SL14_023